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Super_SamSam Jaekel is the Site Superintendent looking after all things in the building of our new parish hall. Let’s meet Sam.

Sam’s job is to keep things coordinated and humming along in the construction process. That means thinking ahead, mapping out a detailed schedule, contacting subcontractors, keeping people in the loop.

DSC_0004 - CopySam is an outgoing, cheerful guy. His job is about relationships: Working closely with the client, subcontractors, and Chris Huston, project manager. I asked about taking a photo of the roofing crew, and Sam knew how to handle that.

I asked if working with a church is different from working with a commercial client. Sam said that working with Fr. Konopa, Dn. Sage, and Andy Foley, he gets a lot of appreciation that isn’t part of a commercial relationship. I’ve seen Andy and Sam kidding each other, and Dn. Sage has told me he is grateful for Sam’s cooperation and patience through the process. Part of Sam’s job is to educate, and he is happy to do that.

JAEKEL-Bill-Marilyndscf5774aSweet news is that there is a family connection:  Sam is the nephew of Bill and Marilyn Jaekel, once of MMOC, now at St. EAS in Holmen. Their family are still deeply part of MMOC in Dan and Kathy Skiles and their family, Alicia Skiles and John Richards.

I’ve seen Super Sam sweeping floors and zipping around to clean up the job site. It’s not his job, but he prefers to keep active and do what he can to keep the site orderly. Sam is a servant leader to be sure, striving to make things go as well as possible for others.

Lord, we pray for all who work in our behalf, that they may be safe and prosper. May they feel something of all the years of joy that will come, to people they don’t know.

Update Feb. 2018: Super Sam has confirmed that he will continue to serve as site superintendent as we move into phase 3, the finishing of our education center and music space in the lower level of the parish hall.


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Yesterday, workers built the ramp (left side of the photo) that will, for the first time, give access to our sanctuary to people who don’t do stairs. Imagine the possibilities! Grandparents more included in wedding, first communion, and other celebrations and photos. Our liturgical ministries made more inclusive. In this and so many other ways, our parish hall reflects our values.26 Ramp

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Keeping in mind the words of the hymn:  The Church’s one foundation is Jesus Christ her Lord… We also delight that just two weeks into construction, the concrete footings for the east end of our parish hall are in place.

East_Footings - Copy

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