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Three Things I Pray

Young members of our parish family recently were cast members in the Aquinas High School production of the musical Godspell. Pictured here with Fr. Konopa are:

  • Liam Conzemius (Jesus)
  • Bryant Meyer (Disciple)
  • Jake Kaiser (Apostle)
  • Ryan Conzemius (Disciple)
Oh, dear Lord, three things I pray: To see thee more clearly, love thee more dearly, follow thee more nearly, day by day by day.

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Ann Kotnour, RN, is profiled in the latest edition of Coulee Region Women magazine. Congratulations to Ann and thanks for your long and faithful service!

Ann and her husband Joe Kotnour, DDS, have been members of our parish family for many years, along with their four children. Together, Ann and Joe serve in the ministry of Hospitality, and Joe is an usher. We fondly remember Joe’s mom, Audrey Kotnour, a beloved member of MMOC until her funeral here in 2016.


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Bishop of MyraLansingsThe MMOC Women’s Club today welcomed women of Good Shepherd and Our Redeemer Lutheran Churches at the Diocesan Center for their annual Advent Luncheon.

Over 100 women gathered for prayer, song, and fellowship over a potluck brunch. This event is just a lovely way to affirm our community of faith.

Thanks to Kim Lansing and her daughters for lending their musical gifts!

Brody LuAnn Therese 2014St. Nicholas, the Bishop of Myra, appeared. Ever shy of the spotlight, he seemed hesitant to climb into the Cathedra, but was happy to give small gifts to children.

Yet it was not St. Nick who enjoyed the most attention. That honor has to belong to the newest son of Karla and Pat Schams, who has many adoring aunts.

Advent Luncheon 2014



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Athletes in the News

Abbi KlosFor the first time, the La Crosse Tribune has twice named the same person their Volleyball Player of the Year. Abbi Klos will be playing D1 next year for North Dakota. She is the daughter of Henry and Katherine Klos.

Emily PoellingerEmily Poellinger, daughter of Tiny and Sandy, was also a top contender for the title. Emily and her cousin Abbi have often faced each other across the net as Emily is an Aquinas Blugold while Abbi plays for Central.

Bri EbenhoeThe Tribune also named Bri Ebenhoe their Volleyball Coach of the Year. She was an all-conference athlete at Aquinas six years before becoming the Blugold’s coach. Bri and Matt were married at MMOC in 2010.

Congratulations to all!


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Riverfest Setup 2014What a difference a day makes. Yesterday there was pomp and circumstance at the cathedral, the highest form of high liturgy this town is likely to see for a little while. Today was low church, yet a great experience.

Riverfest Setup Crew 2014This morning our Men’s Club earned a few bucks setting up picnic tables, trash cans, and bleachers for the upcoming Riverfest. We had a great crew! If our brows were moist with sweat it was nothing next to the height of the river and the water everywhere in Riverside Park.

River Near Flood StageMy mother once said that sometimes doing the Lord’s work involves heavy lifting. It was nice to see such a range of ages in our members working together.

Riverfest Tables 2014In other news: Deacon Sage was pleased and proud to announce at Mass that our debt to the diocese has been paid off. Our debt to Aquinas Catholic Schools is down so much that there is a real hope that we can welcome our new pastor into a parish that is debt-free, in a time of hope and opportunity about what may lay ahead for us.

Women's Club Officers 14-15For the tidal wave of debt reduction we thank the MMOC Women’s Club. It was the Women’s Club’s challenge to the Men’s Club to each provide $10,000 in matching funds that gave force to this latest wave of generosity.

We are fortunate to be part of a parish family where so many women and men are good stewards. Thanks to all.

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Three New PriestsToday at the Cathedral we attended the ordination of (L to R) Matthew Neil Marshall, Nathaniel Walter Kuhn and Clayton Richard Elmhorst.

Celebrating with Bishop CallahanSome of us at MMOC remember a very polite young Matt Marshall as a classmate (or a classmate of our our children) when they attended Aquinas High School. We have enjoyed keeping in touch and supporting him with prayer in his journey to become a priest. We’ll be keeping an eye on the Catholic Times for news of his first assignment.

Anointing HandsThe liturgy was joyful and beautiful, particularly the choir and musicians under the direction of Dr. Brian Luckner. We were happy to see MMOC friends Jim and Donna Omernik, who are friends of the Kuhn family.

As Bishop William Callahan anointed Fr. Matt’s hands, there was a moment of great power and hope, very public yet also intimate. May God bless and sustain these new priests and all the people in their care.

Update: Fr. Marshall is now the Associate Pastor at St. Anne Parish in Wausau. He is also the Chaplain at Newman Middle and High Schools.

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Blue Angels 2014Today at Airfest, a lot of eyes were skyward as the U.S. Navy Blue Angels and other aerial acts performed. Very impressive!

Kristine Gasch May 2014This afternoon at Mass I read the Ascension story from Acts: “Men of Galilee, why are you standing there looking at the sky?” Fr. Doug also made the connection in his homily, which included his impression of an F-18. At the Gospel Acclamation, Kristine Gasch‘s voice soared powerfully and beautifully. Are you getting the lofty theme here?

MMOC Women's Club Brat Barn 2014Today amid bright sun, heat, and jet noise, the MMOC Women’s Club worked the Brat Barn at Festival Foods in the Village. Pictured here are Gloria Biesen, Cherie Nigl, and Vickie Kloss.

There was a second theme today: The flyers are most impressive when they are close, risking the most. In the days ahead, may our MMOC parish family keep close in all moments.

Angels Opposite

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